About Walter Freiberg

Also known as Paco Ardit. What fascinates me the most is the learning process: that is, ‘learning how to learn.’ I love sharing my insights on the process of learning, and to help others become better learners. My purpose is to empower people to develop their potential and achieve their learning aspirations.

Spanish Dictation with Audiobooks

I have recently been exploring foreign language dictation as a strategy to gain practice writing in a second language. It would be the equivalent of shadowing to the [...]

Learning Spanish with a Teacher

What is the best way to learn Spanish? You can learn on your own, work with a teacher, or even get a language course. Whatever the method you choose, [...]

Reading a Book Series to Learn Spanish

One of the best things you can do to improve your Spanish skills in less time is reading a book series. Ideally, it would be a series you’ve already [...]

Long-term Language Learning

In August 2019 I started learning Italian. That meant that —for the next year or so— I would read less content in English, and more in Italian. As my [...]

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