What is the best way to learn Spanish? You can learn on your own, work with a teacher, or even get a language course. Whatever the method you choose, learning Spanish (or any other language) involves other people. Even a self-directed student never learns completely ‘on his own.’ She will have to read or listen to content written or spoken by users of her target language.

One of the main advantages of learning Spanish with a teacher is increasing your awareness of things that need improvement. You cannot see your blind spots. How could you spot what could be better when you cannot even see significant parts of your own body (without external help)? And when you see those parts, do you know how to act on that?

A superb Spanish teacher points directly to those areas that need the most attention. Maybe it is grammar, pronunciation, or comprehension. It could well be that you need to work on a few of these areas. The teacher would also take you in the right direction, depending on your own language learning goals.

I don’t necessarily think that every language learner has to work with a teacher, but I believe that many students could benefit from them. I have done that myself in the past and will probably continue doing it in the future. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you give it a go 🙂

What is the best of learning Spanish with a teacher?

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