You can build your Spanish reading skills by going narrow or broad. In the first case, you read content written on a specific subject or by a certain writer (such as a book series). If you choose the latter, you read broadly: books and content on many topics, genres, and by different authors. Here we’ll focus on the advantages of going narrow.

When you read a lot about a topic that inspires you, you develop depth in your Spanish vocabulary for that specific domain. Let’s say you are into gardening (jardinería). It would be good for you to subscribe to a couple of blogs and find ebooks and paperbacks on that topic. This is something you would be reading about anyway. Why not do it in Spanish? It’s easier than you think.

Another option to go narrow is to focus on a single author. Both fiction and non-fiction work well here. The idea is to get used to the style and the language used by the author. If you read enough content by a single person, you’ll start to notice patterns (this is very noticeable in fiction). And it makes it easier for language learners 🙂

To get you started, I’d suggest focusing either on: a) a topic you’re passionate about (it could be a hobby or content related to your profession), or b) an author you like. Then, try to read as much as you can about that in Spanish for the next two or three months.

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