A video blog —also known as a vlog— can be a great tool to practice your Spanish speaking skills. It’s about shooting a video of yourself talking to your cell phone selfie camera. In Spanish 🙂 You can record it with any smartphone and upload it to YouTube for free.

Maybe you don’t feel like changing careers and becoming a famous vlogger and influencer with millions of subscribers. It’s all good! I’m not asking you to upload your videos publicly (although you can do it if you want). You can put your videos on YouTube and keep them private or share them with specific people only.

The point of the vlogs is to exercise the skill of producing Spanish language in spoken form. Outputting, as they call it. An easy way to start: commit to recording 1-minute videos for a certain period of time (a week, two weeks, 30 days) and stick to it.

What to talk about? You get to choose: a summary of your day, your goals for the future, your thoughts on a specific topic, a review on a recent article, book, or movie, etc. The only rule is that you do it in Spanish.

This is an exercise you can keep to yourself. So, there’s no need to tell anybody if you don’t want to. If you are taking Spanish lessons, you could share the short videos with your teacher for additional feedback, though.

ìMuchos éxitos con eso!

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